We believe the tenets of the Qualicum Institute are the foundation for a basic understanding of sustainability issues; they can better help us acknowledge what is possible and what is not, and lead us on the path toward our becoming a sustainable society.

Each tenet (except the first, of course) builds from the previous one, and leads to an understanding of sustainability at its core. We can choose to ignore the wisdom contained in these simple tenets but there is little doubt that we will then suffer the consequences. For more details, click on an individual tenet.

Tenets of the Qualicum Institute

  1. Humanity is a part of—not separate from—Nature.
  2. Humanity is completely dependent upon what Nature can provide.
  3. There are limits to what Nature can provide.
  4. Any organism that disregards Nature’s limits threatens its own existence.
  5. Humanity has been disregarding Nature’s limits.
  6. Humanity can choose to live within Nature’s limits.

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