Qualicum Institute: Advocating a science-based understanding of ecological, social and economic survivability

Stories We Tell Ourselves

What are the stories we tell that contribute to ecological overshoot, climate change and the destruction of nature?

Climate change affects us all
Image courtesy of Pixabay

Economic growth benefits all

Does the economy have to keep growing?



Decision makers don't need science

Why don’t we elect our airline pilots?



Population growth benefits all

Can human population grow forever?



Environmental groups (NGOs) save nature

Environmental groups save nature – or do they?

The economic system works for our benefit

Why can private banks create money through debt out of thin air?

Green energy can replace all fossil fuels

Can the economy  grow using only green energy?

Image Credits: Economic growthAirplanePopulation; Environmental organizations and Green energy courtesy of Terri Martin, The economic system works for our benefit courtesy L. Richardson

Stop ecological overshoot caused by economic growth

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