Our concern

Our concern

Our primary concern is that few people on Earth today are addressing what we call the proximate cause of our environmental problems: economic growth. Most of us, including environmentalists and conservation organizations, are simply addressing the myriad symptoms that the cause is creating.

The ecosystems that we depend on for survival, and the biodiversity they contain, are the foundation of a healthy economy and the social well-being of humanity. Locally and globally there has been an alarming loss of ecosystems and their biological diversity, widespread air and water pollution, global climate change, economic instability, and social deterioration.

We believe that these assaults on the Earth and ultimately on our social well-being stem from the way we think about and deal with the natural world. Our ideas about the Earth and the other creatures that share the planet with us have led us to over-consume the world’s natural resources and continue our uncontrolled growth of population. Both of these factors facilitate economic growth, a perennial goal of governments around the world. Economic growth invariably results in the appropriation, degradation, or even liquidation of natural ecosystems and their biodiversity.

Until we begin addressing the root cause—economic growth—we believe that little will change for the better.

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